Broomfield Youth Symphony

Broomfield Youth Symphony is what sets Intermezzo far apart from other music studios in Broomfield. BYS helps serve Broomfield's long-term cultural planning by providing challenge orchestras for families that can't drive the long distances, afford the high costs, or meet the stringent requirements of youth orchestras in outlying areas.

The suburbs that benefit most from the youth orchestras are Broomfield, 
Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, and north Denver. However, we welcome students from all over the Denver metro area.

We are also pleased to announce that two of our orchestras are moving into the full symphony configuration and will in bring woodwinds, brass and percussion students beginning in the fall of 2016!

You can take advantage of several entry points into the BYS system, and we offer generous discounts for enrolling siblings.


Please call for more information on the financial aid process. We have generous provisions and a very easy application!

Early Start Strings         60/12-week class

Bronze, Silver, and
Composer's Club          280/year

Gold Orchestra             400/year

Platinum Symphony    450/year

Class and Orchestra List

Early Start Strings: Ages 4-6, beginning violinists. Class format.

Composer's Club I, II, III: Ages 5-7. Graduates of Early Start Strings or equivalent. Students learn to read music by writing it one string at a time.

Bronze Orchestra: Beginners 7 and up. Supplements instrumental music classes Broomfield, Thornton, Westminster, and Northglenn and serves as entry point for students with no public school music program.

Silver Orchestra: Graduates of Bronze or one year school orchestra experience.

Gold Orchestra: Graduates of Silver or equivalent. Two years' experience in school orchestra. Current band instrument openings!

Platinum Symphony: Graduates of Gold or equivalent. Three years' experience in school orchestra. Current band instrument openings!

Metamorpheus: High School age symphonic rock orchestra. Must be able to read in higher positions and play in tune up to four sharps and four flats. Audition and interview with current members.

Willow Creek and Shadow Mountain Chamber Orchestras: Adults beginning to intermediate levels. All are welcome!

Homeschoolers' Music Classes: Please call 720.432.6873 for more information.