Studies have shown music education benefits cognitive abilities for all ages. Besides giving academics and test scores a boost, music study helps students become more resilient and empathetic. Exciting research has also shown music education's promise for helping older adults combat age-related disabilities.

Music creation is also the legacy of humanity alone. No other being generates the beautiful sound patterns and combinations that we do. So why do some people have access to music instruction and others do not? 

Most often the answer to that question is money...and that's sad. Intermezzo Academy of Music is dedicated to making music education available to all, and wants
to even out the cognitive playing field for all 

students regardless of students' financial status. We envision a world where everyone has a right to music instruction, and we're starting in your back yardnorth Denver and its suburbs.

Intermezzo has enjoyed great success with the Broomfield Youth Symphony orchestras, group classes and after-school orchestra club. We continue to offer referrals to some of the area's top private teachers and maintain those relationships so we can help you find the best for your student.

Our mailing address is 8181 Arista Place, Suite 100, Broomfield, CO 80021.

Call us at 720.432.6873 to register or find out more information.