Willow Creek Adults

Did you get busy with school and have to stop playing, or did you turn in your trumpet for a football? Did you work and find that you didn’t have time for your music?

It's not too late to come back to your musical roots. Affectionately called the “Big Kids’ Youth Orchestra,” Willow Creek has been serving beginning, beginning-again, and continuing adult musicians since 2009.

Willow Creek is a great place to meet new people like you and develop artistic expression.  We have a great time making music together, and some of our adults even branch off into quartets and trios and play gigs!

When you join an Intermezzo group or lessons, you’re doing it because you want to, and for the pure joy of it. You're calling the shots now and if you want music, Intermezzo is here for you.
Some may tell you learning music is only for youth, but learning orchestral instruments isn't just for kids!  Adults simply learn a different way. You have more information to compare new material to, and often work harder than children because you know the value of the dollars you spend on your classes and lessons.

Your generation is turning the silly sayings about adults upside down and living life fully and completely. It’s time to take up that Strad you found in Grandpa’s attic and learn to play it!

Call us at 720.432.6873 and ask about Willow Creek, private lessons, and small chamber ensembles for all major instruments.