Financial Aid

Intermezzo believes music is for everyone, not just the most fortunate. Besides, even people with comfortable finances can experience unexpected crises and hardships. It can happen to anyone!

That crisis has happened for so many people during the pandemic. We are offering discounted rates for everyone plus more financial aid. No one should be turned away from music!

We also know that Federal guidelines don't reflect the high cost of living in the Denver area, nor do they take into account special considerations. We do!

Intermezzo and BYS have already provided thousands of dollars of financial aid to our students and have grants on hand specifically for student support.

We also do fundraisers for sustainability of our generous student assistance program. We will carefully consider all individual circumstances.

Music is too important for anyone to tell a student no! Contact us to see how we can help. We use commonly-accepted procedures for determining awards, but also take unusual situations into account.

Please call us at 720.432.6873 to find out about how you can take advantage of our numerous grants for student assistance.

“Music in the soul

can be heard by

the universe.”

― Lao Tzu